Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alan Silva, Keiko Higuchi, Sabu Toyozumi, Takuo Tanikawa, "Crimson Lip"

I posted on this album last March 15th in relation to the snippets that were available as a free download. All I said there is true of the full version (Improvising Beings ib08) which the label was kind enough to send my way.

Keiko Higuchi convinces and plays an important role as freewheeling vocalist. Alan sounds great on bass and adds plenty of texture and ambiance with the synths. Takuo's guitar and Sabu's drums fill out the ensemble in key ways.

This excels as ensemble freedom--it's the sum of all parts that come together at any given moment. And that sum is an original mix of electric and acoustic, iconic and iconoclastic, exploratory and directionally driven.

The full version maps out its own free musical territory and it does it consistently and with originality.

It gets better with every listen, too. That is a sign of what this is--deep, worthwhile music!

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