Friday, October 19, 2012

Micachu and the Shapes, Never

Mica Levi, known as Micachu, and her band the Shapes enter the ring with their second studio effort Never (Rough Trade).

It's hard hitting industrial-electronic-avant-pop, if you want some sort of label. Micachu plays a prepared "half-guitar" (an acoustic with a short neck?) and other homemade instruments and there is an electric component too. The band gets rolling, then she sings some attractive post-wave punkoid vocals overtop it all.

It's one of the best things to come out of England for a while, I think. It's a kind of zombie-robot pop that's put together with skill and creative imagination.

I won't hype you. It takes a few listens to catch the wave. A first hearing may sound confusing or chaotic to you. But if you stick with it, it hangs together in good ways.

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