Friday, September 20, 2013

Bernie Mora & Tangent, Dandelion

Really nice jazz-rock today from guitarist Bernie Mora and his group Tangent. The album is Dandelion (Rhombus 7117). It's a pretty large outfit out of El Paso and Los Angeles. Mora plays a nice fusion-amped guitar and wrote all the material, then there's a group of six others and a couple of guests, bass, drums, keys, saxes, horns, percussion. Everybody sounds well-versed and together, tight, the arrangements-compositions have fused-prog-rock clout and Bernie cranks it to good effect.

They cover quite a bit of ground with a varied program of pleasing extroversion. I am reminded of the classic horn jazz-rock bands only updated for today, with maybe a hint of Zappa in there somewhere. They get the toe tapping and can hit it pretty hard.

Hey, I like this one. It may not set the world ablaze but Mora can crank and the whole thing is very solid.

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