Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ceramic Dog, Your Turn, with Marc Ribot

Ceramic Dog is guitarist Marc Ribot's trio. Your Turn (Northern Spy) is their album and it kicks up plenty of dust.

Of course as you'd expect there is a treasure-trove of opportunities to hear the unparalleled skronk guitar of Mr. Ribot here and he sounds great. But it is situated in a set of full-fledged trio music that hits hard but also has musical substance which stays in your head, so you get the full hit of goodness.

It's hard-edged, it kicks, the group takes no prisoners, and then they throw some unexpected curves at you, too, that break it up, like a nice version of Brubeck's "Take Five" (RIP Dave). And the quasi-mid-eastern "Masters of the Internet" is a corker.

It's an album that has the excitement of a live date when a band is completely on it. They are.

Great guitar, great band, great music for the seeker of brains inside the brawn! Listen and love this one if you will. I do.

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