Monday, September 9, 2013

Steve Tallis, ZOZO

Steve Tallis has evolved over the years to become an artist of inimitable qualities, a true original. There's a bluesy underpinning, a vocal delivery uniquely his but in an early Dylan-Beefheartian lineage, a tribal folk-swamp-rock ensemble sound with his acoustic guitar, Gary Ridge on percussion and Dave Clarke on violin, mandolin, etc. All this and songs with a set of lyrics that evokes the sky and the earth, plus loops of ethnic music (percussion and tribal-vocal, from Africa, often enough) to work against.

This is what you hear and hear well on his ZOZO (Zombi Music). Steve's Australian homeland of open spaces, bright light, clear air come though on this album.

It's one of his very best and one to start on if you don't know about his music. Good stuff!

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