Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dom Minasi and Michael Jefry Stevens, Angel's Dance

Electric guitarist Dom Minasi, pianist Michael Jefry Stevens...neither are improvising voices you can easily pigeonhole as this or that. They both are complete artists, not content to stay in one zone, not content to repeat themselves. They are musicians who evolve and grow at their own pace, who make records that say something others have not, who are motored onward by an inner compulsion, not what the flavor-of-the-month is supposed to be.

So when they make a recording together, it's a special thing just by nature of who they are. But then of course, there is the music, which is what it all means. Angel's Dance--Improvisations for Guitar and Piano (Nacht Records Download) gives a really good listen to what happens right now when the two get together and freely improvise. Now two years from now there might be something very different happening, and of course that is the beauty of these guys and the music.

There is much going on here. Some things are like clouds of sound, peaceful or turbulent, others take on more of a pulse. All explore the edges of possibility in any music neighborhood they choose to dwell. There are tonal-centered or even key-centered moments and there are moments where that stretches through the spontaneous reactions of each other to each other and they work in their own tonality, so to speak.

This is music that comes to us when two very original instrumental minds meld in the various moments. Neither sounds like anybody but themselves, but in the many moments of inspiration they go beyond what you think those selves sound like and surprise you.

That's the very best sort of improvising! Grab this album by going to

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