Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Metallic Taste of Blood, Doctoring the Dead

Some vital jazz-metal-avant music is being made out there. I've been covering it here when the music strikes me. Another good one is up today. Metallic Taste of Blood is the brainchild of guitar-electrician Eraldo Bernocchi. He put an album out a while ago that I missed, but he returns with a new band lineup and some intriguing heavy sounds on Doctoring the Dead (RareNoise RNR 053 & RNR053LP, CD or vinyl).

The band is a together one, with Bernocchi teaming up with Colin Edwin on bass guitar, Ted Parsons, drums, and either Roy Powell or Matilde Bernocchi on keys and electronics.

The music has compositional structure and very heavy clout. It's about a well wrought group sound more than a showcase for guitar pyrotechnics, though you will hear good playing if you listen closely.

We get all-out, expanded, driving compositional sequences that bring the dark metal sound into space nicely, thoroughgoingly and ambientally.

It has music that grows on you the more you hear it. But it's not for the squeamish, really. The sounds are thick and invigorating! Check it out!

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