Monday, June 29, 2015

Honeybird, Out Comes Woman

Some music is beyond category. It fits in a number of pegholes but not comfortably. Honeybird (aka multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Monique Mizhrahi) is that, on her album Out Comes Woman (self-released).

She comes out of California of Yiddish-Sephardic parents and an apparent openness to many musical styles and genres. She plays electric bass, charango and sings the lead on all her tunes, accompanied by a good band. There is a quirkiness to it all. R&B, rock, world folk, jazz elements and a good else get into her mix. She was initially attracted to punk in her formative years and I suppose something of that comes through with a careful listen, perhaps more Lydia Lunch than the Sex Pistols. But nothing direct in that sense.

I suppose it all qualifies as a sort of alt music if you must chose. These are songs, good ones, and they partake of a cornucopia of elements to get what she is after.

There are 14 songs in all here. Every one is different and I will not try to give you a blow-by-blow on them. They stand out, as does her singing.

If you are after different, it is found here. Try this one out, by all means.

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