Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Marc Ducret Trio + 3, Metatonal

Guitarist-composer Marc Ducret seems to have turned a page and entered into more extroverted jazz-rock avant territory on his latest, Metatonal (Ayler 148). His outfit is billed numerically here as the Trio + 3, which it very much is. The Trio of course is Marc on electric guitar, Bruno Chevillon, double bass, and Eric Echampard, drums. The Plus 3 are Fabrice Martinez on trumpet, Christophe Monniot on saxophones and Samuel Blaser on trombone.

The plus three add girth and breadth to the music in texture, nicely, and some productive solo time towards the end. The trio gets into jazz-fusion avant complexities with everyone putting in the strength needed and Marc coming through with some excellent soloing, great ideas, chops not for themselves but in the service of his very musical mind, and originality, that most rare of things.

The compositions are edgy, complex yet communicative, avant yet metallic in thrust and power. The rhythm section is possessed with momentum, drive and virtuosity that kicks everything along well. Check out their version of Dylan's "The Times They Are A Changing" for how far they can take something!

So what is missing? Nothing. I won't say this is Marc's best album because there are too many others that vie for that honor, but it is perhaps one of the most accessible. Its strengths are many and it will get the ears of adventurous rockers and fusionists without playing down to them.

So the whole thing is recorded live, too, remarkable for such complexities. What else is there to say but get this? Ayler Records needs your support if they are to continue and this is a great reason why they have importance. So do the right thing if you want something great. Give them a cash infusion!

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