Friday, December 11, 2015

Markus Reuter, Live in Bethlehem, 2013, Free Artist's Download

If you have the slightest interest in ambient processed guitar solo music, you should awaken yourself to action and get the free download that artist Markus Reuter has generously made available, Live in Bethlehem, 2013. I'll give you the link straight off, which you should copy and paste into your browser window

It is 48 magical minutes of Markus holding forth in Bethlehem (Pennsylvania, that is). He utilizes digital delay and other effects to create a tapestry that turns his touch guitar into an other-worldly orchestra.

Now anyone who reads my blogs knows that I favor Reuter's music. His orchestral work "Todmorden" was one of my classical records of the year in 2015 (see my Gapplegate Classical-Modern Review blog), and he's made many fine recordings with the touch guitar, some of which have been reviewed on these pages.

Live in Bethlehem extends the Reuter oceans of sound into a remarkable zone that will give you, I hope, a feeling of wonder and peace. He's something of a musical wonder himself. And this extended live solo is indeed a wonderful thing.

So get this album and if you dig it, check out his other music. Happy holidays if you are reading this now! Happy life, either way.

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