Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Julian Lage, Arclight

Julian Lage is a guitarist who has formidable technical tools but also a very musical way about him, a keen ear for what can be done. His latest is out in a few days, March 11th (see below for a pre-order link). It is called Arclight (Mack Avenue). What we have is a lively trio configuration of Julian, plus the ever-potent Scott Coley on double bass and the swinging Kenny Wollesen on drums.

The album has the influence of early-to-mid period Jarrett trios in their treatment of "covers," but that comes through with originality in what Lage and the trio are doing. Lage does some nicely thought-out arrangements of early jazz/pre-bop. There are also some nice originals.

What is striking is the beautiful playing of Lage and the excellent trio interaction. Lage has become his own stylistic self, cleanly exuberant, tastefully musical in his chordal-lining lyricism, filled with some beautiful intersections of the noteful and the chordally interesting. He is one of a kind at this point and he has worked out his versions of the old and the new that has at times a rock electricity and other times a brightly direct tone. There sometimes is an almost Django-meets-surf brilliance...I don't know how else to describe it. But there are indeed a number of dimensions of Lage to be heard on this fine album, all of it a pleasure and, I'll admit, a challenge to all guitarists out there to be original, to press on!

Lage is becoming a major guitar force out there. It's all on the CD, so jump up and grab it if you want something accomplished and original.

A link if you want to preorder: My live link button is on the fritz so you'll have to copy and paste the link into your address window.

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