Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lauren Lee and Charley Sabatino, Velocity Duo, Dichotomies

From the artistic "Downtown" energy force of present-day New York comes the talented Velocity Duo--vocalist Lauren Lee and bassist Charley Sabatino--and their album Dichotomies (self released). Lauren is a very musical, wordless vocal force with a wide vocabulary of intervallic possibilities, timbres and spontaneous line-creating acumen. Charley Sabatino is an upright bass player that matches Lauren in his spontaneous bass-sounding presence and inventiveness.

The two together decided to launch each segment with a word and its opposite, to make that the basis for their utterly free creations. So we get "Tranquility/Cacophony," "Awe/Melancholy," "Apathy/Desire" and "Disappointment and Joy," as a few examples. The idea here was to give the duo springboards to reach a variety of free destinations, and it succeeds well.

There are no moments of running in place, of searching for inspiration. Each is completely attuned to the other and rather confidently embarks on each brief free journey in ultra-musical ways.

Bassists, vocalists and music appreciation hounds will all find this album a fascinating foray into total spontaneity. These two have something to say and they do say it! Very recommended.


  1. Nice review. Intervallic? time for the white board.

    big fan

  2. Thanks Eddie! The white board? I guess?! Intervallic is one of those things in my head.
    All best,