Monday, March 5, 2012

Permanent Clear Light, Neo-Psychedelia for a New Millennium

I find myself continually attracted to those who look to expand the initial psychedelic sounds that came out in the late '60s. And it's not just because that was a music that formed a big part of my musical upbringing. It's a sound that has nearly infinite plasticity.

So when I first heard the Finnish band Permanent Clear Light I naturally gravitated toward them. Like XTC in their psychedelic guise, these four guys work within the song form and extend the original sounds. The band doesn't have a lot of music released in conventional hard format. But no matter. That will happen I hope in time. Meanwhile you can go onto My Space and Facebook, look up the Permanent Clear Light pages and get yourself samples and ways to buy downloads and/or a few singles out there.

"Wherewithal" and "In the City" are good places to start. Nice songs, well sung. Well-built walls of psychedelic sound.

May they thrive. Meanwhile check out the music.

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