Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tim Siciliano, Dominic Duval, Skip Scott, "JZ Rhythm"

Classic jazz compositions are the order of the day on Jz Rhythm (Kerava Jazz), played classically well. Tim Siciliano is a guitarist's guitarist, Dominic Duval a monster of the contrabass whatever the style, and Skip Scott a swinging drummer who puts a great spin on the "rhythm" of the title in the best sort of way.

The music? It's an A list of the art of jazz tunes. There are great choices--some prize Metheny (Question and Answer, Bright Sized Life, Waltz), Wayne Shorter (Yes and No, Iris), Herbie Hancock (Tell Me A Bedtime Story), Chick Corea (Windows), Benny Golson (Along Came Betty), Atilla Zoller (Struwwelpeter), Victor Feldman (Joshua) and McCoy Tyner (Search for Peace).

Of course it's not enough to get a great list of vehicles to improvise on and around. And this is where things kick in. This is a date that emphasizes the blowing. The changes and motifs are utilized as you might expect. Dominic is a pleasure to hear in this context--not one he is often featured in in recent times. Just listening to him is to listen to the art of jazz bass--his way with the changes, walking or doing some very hip things within the song structures, and soloing with power and fire. Tim Siciliano is a guitarist who has impeccable chordal and line building credentials--he sounds great and seems endlessly inventive, a classic stylist who manages to avoid sounding like any particular forebear. And the swinging time and nice solo work of Skip Scott makes sure that this session gets where it needs to and stays there.

This is a release, as I understand it, that is available privately only, on Kerava Jazz's website It's a beautiful set so don't hesitate. Hear their way with "Joshua" and you'll know why you came to this music!

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