Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ramon and Jessica, Fly South

The contemporary singer-songwriter is very much alive. He or she (or he/she) may write and sing songs consistent with the short tradition of the category, or she/he may stretch the mode in different ways. Ramon and Jessica stretch. Their album Fly South (Porto Franco 037) shows them doing this. The result after a few listens is a feeling of refreshment.

There is much musicality to be had here. The songs themselves, the vocal parts, the touches in the arrangements all have that quality. Now there may be a certain slight tendency toward "cuteness" which you need to get used to. But when you do, there's plenty to like here. Jason Mraz starts cute and stays cute. Ramon and Jessica give you layers of musical content underneath the "cute" and you start digging on that as you listen for the third time or so.

It's not exactly pop. It has folk and composed elements and it's different. Different. And rather good. I like these folks. Sounds like the sort of people you might have over for dinner and have a fun evening. That's what their music sounds like.

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