Friday, August 24, 2012

Markus Reuter, Kopfmensch

Something new from the innovative Markus Reuter. Well, not entirely new. It's an anthology of Reuter's work that he put together before embarking on last year's "Two of a Perfect Trio" tour of the US (a Crimsonite gathering featuring the Adrian Belew Power Trio and Tony Levin's Stickmen, the latter of which included Reuter).

The album is called, humorously, Kopfmensch (Unsung). It's not exactly a greatest hits compilation. Some of it is unreleased. It shows you hefty, exhilarating glimpses of the post-Crimson Reuter, the compositional post-prog Reuter, and, something I am less familiar with, the art-song Reuter.

There are 16 cuts, much music. All kinds of notables appear (go to for a rundown of what and who). And the end result, after a suitable period for gestation, is remarkable. Landmark. A gem of avant rock and/or post-prog. It's what others may be trying to do, but don't always get quite right.

This is quite right.

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