Friday, August 3, 2012

Tim White and Joe Paulino, Inhale Slowly

Surprises can be fun. I didn't expect to hear what I did when I put Tim White and Joe Paulino's Inhale Slowly (WhiteGales IS2011) on my player.

It's Tim White on bamboo flute, sitar, guitar and esraj; Joe Paulino on piano, synthesizer and percussion.

Now no doubt it will be sold, and can function as new age music. It has the ambient soundscape thing happening too.

But it is substantial music. Indian-classically inspired ambiance, with very beautiful flute and sitar playing, piano embellishments that set off and complete the Indian oriented sounds, and chordal drones.

It is very nice indeed. I'd say it's a great antidote to our troubled times, but sometimes I think the times will win in the battle for our hearts and moods, so let's just say that it is marvelously evocative, relaxing, yet quite substantive fare. Yes. Good show.

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