Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Operation ID, Legs

I covered Operation ID's recent EP a few days ago here. Today, a full album, Legs (Table and Chairs 003). What I said about the EP applies also to the full CD. They are a Seattle-based unit that gives out with a pleasingly potent mix of compositional progressive jazz-rock in a contemporary vein, following in part a trail originally blazed by Frank Zappa and early-mid Soft Machine.

It's a five-piece outfit of Ivan Arteaga on saxes, Jared Borkowski on electric guitar, Rob Hanlon, synths, David Balatero, electric bass, and Evan Woodle, drums. This music makes its mark especially in the ensemble arrangements and the overall ambiance. The solos suit the pieces at hand but are not the primary thrust of the music.

It's ground-breaking, path widening prog/post-prog instrumental music of a high order. And it's well worth checking out if that sounds interesting to you.

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