Friday, January 18, 2013

Bassoon, Great Progressive Metal Fusion

OK, why would a fabulous prog metal outfit with Sean Moran, John Mattam and Stuart Popejoy (guitar, drums, bass & keys, in that order) name themselves Bassoon? I don't know if it matters. Not after you hear their self-titled debut album (Phase Frame 002).

This is wonderfully heavy riff rock instrumental fusion prog. And if you are a sucker for excellent riff rock (like me) then this one is going to pop your cork.

Sean Moran plays some very out metal guitar when he is soloing. And the band kicks up lots of dust whatever they do.

An obvious point: riff rock only works when the riffs are interesting. The riffs are interesting, original post-Zep, post-Zap, post-Maha sorts of things. Harmonically they can expaaaand. That keeps your ears alert and happy. All three are musically endowed in ways you'll appreciate. And the band takes no prisoners. Except me and I am not complaining for all that. Turn this one up!

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