Thursday, January 17, 2013

Daniel Barbiero and Steve Hilmy, Zero 1-2-3, A Free Download

WFMU's Free Music Archive is that most wonderful thing: a free and guilt-free source of new and sometimes excellent music. It's free because it doesn't cost anything. It's guilt-free because these are Creative Commons files, music that the artists have been kind enough to share with you, gratis.

I've spent very profitable time on there with some cool sounds, but lately I've been a little busy and have neglected to check out what's new. Until Daniel Barbiero very kindly hipped me to what he has posted on the site. Daniel is a contrabassist, or a bassist for the benefit of robot-crawling search engine evaluators. Not just any bassist, but one steeped in avant new music and improvisation, a musician of imagination and invention. Anyway I was pleased with what I heard. So I'm giving you a introductory taste here by talking a little about his EP with Steve Hilmy on electronics, Zero 1-2-3.

It's a longish piece that travels into some exotic avant sound territory. Daniel plays the doublebass, pizz and bowed, and Steve takes the sound of the bass and electronically transforms it, seemingly adding a bit of sound of his own too. The result is a very moving, even exciting avant landscape of bass/not-bass.

It has balls, it has veritable halls of sound to wander through, possibly transfixed I would hope like I was.

This is vibrant avant. And it's free, Jack. Copy this url into your browser and get some very neat music.

Thanks Daniel and Steve!

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