Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Iron Dog, Interactive Album Rock

Welcome to post number 1,000! I should feel tired after 1,000 of these but I don't. Thanks for reading.

I like Iron Dog. I liked their first album (reviewed here, do a search in the top left-hand box to find it) and I like this second one too, Interactive Album Rock (PFM 003).

They've added Andrew Drury on drums to make it a trio. If you know Andrew's drumming, you know that's a good thing. Otherwise it's still Sarah Bernstein on psychedelic electric violin and moody, memorable recitation, and Stuart Popejoy on singular electric bass and atmospheric synth.

Iron Dog make a music fully of today. It's dark, metallic, forward reaching, avant and spatially rooted, sprawling, psychedelic and free-based, electronic and earthy, poetic and blunt, all at once. Sarah is her own person on violin and ruthlessly personal/abstract (in a great way) in her poetry-prose.

Just get this one and you'll get this one. Don't expect "happy". It's way beyond happy.

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