Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10CC, Live in Concert, DVD

When 10CC were in their heyday, mid-to-later '70s, I was pretty much oblivious to them. I had interests elsewhere at the time, and by the later-'70s top forty radio was a relic in my eyes.

So when 10CC Live in Concert (MVD 5645D) arrived in the mail for possible review, my response was, "OK I'll listen, but..."

Well, turns out that the DVD gives you a nice overview of the group at its best ("I'm Not in Love") and its not-so-best (perky power pop). It's a revival of most of the original band and they certainly sound as good as ever. The good tunes sound better than I remember and there's a mostly unplugged set of songs written by bassist Graham Gouldman before there was a 10CC. It's actually a wonderful jolt of nostalgia to hear them do nice versions of "Bus Stop," "Look Through Any Window," "For Your Love," and even "No Milk Today."

Fans of the band will get all they might hope for. I found myself quite entertained in spite of my initial misgivings. The sound is great. The band has lost nothing, really, with the passage of time. In that way they are a model for oldsters looking to keep musically-vocally trim.

Oh, and the lead guitarist was and is quite respectably decent.

And it reminds you how badly the pop music industry has deteriorated? Or am I just getting too old to care about some of it? I don't know and it doesn't matter I suppose.

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