Friday, March 8, 2013

Nick Millevoi, In White Sky, Tape or Free Download

Anybody who reads this blog regularly (or maybe I should start "If anybody...". . . no I do have regular readers and I thank them much!) will know I've been covering avant guitarist and electrician Nick Millevoi in various guises on this page. He's back, not that he ever left, with an unaccompanied solo spot In White Sky (The Flenser) (

It's a good workout of avant psychedelia with some biting, kicking and scratching feedback sustain going on and imaginative noise happening on top. This as usual is not exactly pablum for the masses. It's out there. It's psychedelic. It's very electric.

But that is why he is good. To be creative with something my cohorts and I used to fool around with in garages in New Jersey warms my heart. We knew it was something musically good, when it was, and if Hendrix started it (actually it started a little earlier) there was still plenty of room for creative souls to come up with poetic chaos.

Nick is such a soul. This one is off the wall in just the right ways. And you can either get the tape or a free download by pasting the link above into your browser. Yowser!

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