Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chelsea Light Moving, Thurston Moore's New Group

Now that Sonic Youth is on hold, maybe for good, we have a lack. Happily Thurston Moore has put together a new group, Chelsea Light Moving, and their first album (self-titled) (Matador) has plenty of torque to make up for what is no longer here.

To be specific, the album hits hard with the garagy psychedelia that made Sonic Youth so appealing to those inclined. The retuned, very distinctive guitar sound of Thurston and the Sonics is there very much as are his laconic dada lyrics and vocals.

The band is loosely together in all ways you might expect and they rock in the avant garage fashion.

So what's missing? Well, you know...

But never mind that. It is first class Thurston groupdom, heavy, squirrelly, innovative and thrashingly good. Don't hesitate!

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