Friday, January 17, 2014

Dusan Jevtovic, Am I Walking Wrong?

I revel in the new. . . new discoveries, new sounds, new people. So when somebody new to me turns out to be really good, I am happy. That is so with Serbian-Barcelonian electric guitar wizard Dusan Jevtovic. You can depend upon MoonJune to come up with these sorts of things, and they do so again. Dusan's album Am I Walking Wrong? (MoonJune 058) is something I gravitate towards--and it has something to do with my love of Terje Rypdal's guitar styling. Not that Dusan is channeling Rypdal so much as he works in an advanced world of expanded harmonies and dramatic psychedelic declamations similar to the Rypdalian way.

Jevtovic is in a power trio setting that completely suits what he has to say. Bernat Hernandez on electric bass and Marko Djordjevic on drums have real virtuoso fire that complements Dusan's compositions and improvisatory excursions in the best sort of way.

This is ultra-progressive jazz-rock-fusion with the sort of substance and teeth that makes the listening get better and better as your hear the disk more and more. I listen again as I write this and it continues to grow in my ears, which to me is a sign that everything is ultra-well with the music.

Prog metal guitar acolytes and fans will find that this album is manna. I kid you not.

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