Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Zevious, Passing Through the Wall

Zevious is a power trio with the usual guitar-bass-drums thing happening. But the music is anything but usual. On their album Passing Through the Wall (Cuneiform) it's even- and odd-metered trance repetitions done blisteringly and then some very heated jamming with all hell breaking loose.

They have a way of worrying figures that is post-minimalist in that they hit them so hard that you groove-trance more than you do the "floating in heaven" thing.

By now the whole gol-dangered world has reviewed this album. Some of the writers even got paid (I mean by their publishers)! So what have I to add? Nothing. Except to say that they are right. It's hot Crimsonic controlled chaos the way it oughta be. Jazz-rock? Yeah but these folks are possessed! Recommended.

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