Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dave "Knife" Fabris Featuring Ran Blake, Lettuce Prey

Two years ago I took a look at Vilnius Noir, a very adventurous duet between pianist Ran Blake and guitarist Dave "Knife" Fabris (go to May 11, 2012). Two years later we are back with an album by Dave with more Ran Blake interactions plus other very diversely situated music Dave put together. The new one is called Lettuce Prey (Great Winds 3169).

There is so much to appreciate on this one. Some more great duets with Maestro Blake plus things like a solo version of Hendrix's "Angel", a rock ensemble tearing through part of Prokofiev's "Scythian Suite", some nicely together songs with a couple of guest vocalists, and much more.

Dave is a guitarist of finesse, great ideas, fine music, compositional-arranging clout. He is not here to blow you away with chops, though there is plenty of technique. This one is all about the music.

It is an excellent outing in advanced jazz and rock zones. You must listen! There is no substitute. Very cool music.

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