Thursday, May 8, 2014

Suzanne Vega, Live, Solitude Standing, DVD

Sometimes we miss things. We get busy then have to catch up. I missed Suzanne Vega in all but the most perfunctory way in the last decade. But now I realize what I've missed, thanks to the nice DVD of Suzanne live in Rome, 2003, Solitude Standing (WeinerWorld 2582). We get 62 minutes plus a 12-minute interview. The concert thrives by its simplicity. There's her, her voice, acoustic guitar and poetry recitation, plus a good electric bassist accompanying and an Italian translator to follow Suzanne with the Italian version of each poem.

The poems and the Italian are perhaps less central (if you don't know Italian) but they add to the variety. What's special is Suzanne's expressive recital of some of her strongest tunes. The guitar playing is in the folk vein, nicely complementing her evocative singing.

The DVD has converted me to Suzanne Vega. I appreciate! That's saying something for the video, but of course even more for the performances contained within. It will leave you with a good feeling, and we need that sometimes, especially now.

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