Thursday, November 20, 2014

Led Bib, The People in Your Neighborhood

For their 10th anniversary Led Bib has come out with two simultaneous releases, one the limited edition LP The Good Egg, which was covered here several weeks ago (see the post listings to click on that), and another full-fledged CD we turn to today, The People in Your Neighborhood (Cuneiform).

This latter one is a blockbuster, with intricate compositional substantiality conjoined with full-throttle performatives. They kick it good, in short.

It hit me listening to this one that really what we have is music in the jazz-rock hardness tradition of mid-period Soft Machine, only extended with originality. The keys and bass give the electricity to it all, the drums launch the music into orbit, and the horns both have compositional importance and kick-out-the-jams solo presence.

This band is serious! The LP got my attention; the CD got my allegiance. I am forsworn now as a Led Bib fan. That's how contentful and exciting this music seems to me. All prog jazz-rock listeners and players need to check this one out. Enough, except a happy tenth anniversary to these folks.

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