Monday, November 10, 2014

Wired for Sound, Mozambique

Contemporary Afrobeat/new African music from Mozambique comes to us nicely in a mobile unit anthology of artists and music from the north of the country recorded on location over two months for the Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa. Wired for Sound, Mozambique (Freshlyground) presents 17 of those tracks, covering zouk, traditional sounds, electric grooves and a little African rap.

The sound quality is excellent, the performances inspired for the most part. It gives you an excellent picture of the music scene there now. It is a mix of traditional and electric instruments, vocalizing songwriters, choirs and bands.

And yes what's going on there as far as electric guitar and bass playing can be readily heard in a holistic context. We've come a long ways from the early folk-highlife sounds of early-to-mid last century. Everything grooves and has integrity, a drive that is African and a bluesy demeanor that appeals.

If you want to know what's up there now, this gives you an excellent leg up on it all. And it is a joy to hear.

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