Monday, March 23, 2015

The Grip Weeds, How I Won the War

There are bands out there today, some very good, that somehow channel early psychedelia-song form and make it new. The Grip Weeds are one. Their album How I Won the War (Jem MVD7134A) shows you how.

They have that two-guitars, bass and drums heated proficiency, good tunes and vocals that are there. They do a good job with George's "The Inner Light," which is not easy to do w/o the Indian instruments. And their own songs have something to them that makes you glad they are around.

I won't say they sound like anybody in particular--they sound like everybody back then only they don't. And they are very well rehearsed. The Smithereens might come to mind as far as good things done well go.

If you like that kind of thing--like I do--then this one will give you definite kicks!

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