Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dreadnaught, Gettin' Tight with Dreadnaught

The prog rock juggernaught Dreadnaught returns with a new EP, Gettin' Tight with Dreadnaught (Red Fez Records). I've covered their music here before (type in search box above for those articles). If anything they have gotten more accomplished and complex in their guitar-keys-bass-drum routines. They give us some 20 minutes of music that presses the prog virtuoso possibilities to the edge but then does not forget to include the song-vocal elements.

It's a recording that packs a punch. The songs are at times as innovative as the instrumental routines, though they may not have an anthemic radio sort of presence, meaning they are unlikely to be found played on top-40 rock stations, if such a thing still exists.

But what do we care about that? This is driving prog that will satisfy those who seek something new and beyond in the genre and perhaps will win over those who flirt with the fringes of the scene.

In any event this is a great listen! Recommended.

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