Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fozzy's "Chasing the Grail:" Progressive Metal with Musical Values

Fozzy is a group I don't know. Their album Chasing the Grail (Riot 01) was sent to me and I dutifully listened. It's a very competent bass-guitars-drums-vocals band. Their songs have something to them. Riffs are interesting, there are good lead vocals and harmonies and a wall-of-sound production that has the immersion factor going for it.

It has a concept going for it as well: in search of the holy grail. I'll admit I only half-heartedly listened to the lyrics and so I cannot completely vouch for what it's about. But you don't need me to vouch for that. There is a Dungeons and Dragons archaism happening with the words but I focused on the music, which to me is what matters most.

If I had a son and he was listening to this, I would figure he was getting some Vitamin M (for music), an essential nutrient. And since he may not be getting the vitamin at school much anymore with cutbacks (not excusable), at least he is getting it somewhere. But I don't have kids so that is moot.

Fozzy has some very nice moments going for it on the Grail CD.

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