Friday, September 14, 2012

Adrian Benavides, Same Time Next Life

The multi-instrumentalist Adrian Benavides makes his solo debut with a jump-out-of-your speakers disk: Same Time Next Life (Unsung 016). Touch guitarist mastermind Markus Reuter shared the co-writing and co-production duties with Adrian. King Crimson's Pat Mastelotto supplied the heated drumming.

It's heavy music, music with an edge, post-prog with an attitude, metal with a brain. The music comes at you hard and full, much of the time, with a few lyric interludes for contrast. There is a bit of industrial in the mix but never in a formulaic way.

It's in expanded song form with vocals by Adrian, weaving around the theme of shock and bereavement of a father on the death of his daughter. In fact it is a personal response by Benavides to the stillborn birth of his daughter Valentina.

This is avant rock of a high order. It's a great example of places art rock is going today.

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