Thursday, September 13, 2012

Carol Robbins, Moraga

Carol Robbins, jazz harpist. Moraga (Jazzcats 108) showcases her well in a sextet that includes Billy Childs, piano, Larry Koonse, guitar, and Gary Novak on drums.

This is a mix of Robbins originals and standards, done with enough space to show the Robbins harp style. She plays less consistently in the arpeggiated Alice Coltrane style, prefering a note-run-chordal approach much of the time. She is very good, tasteful, and beautiful to hear. Not every song she writes is a masterpiece but they generally serve her well. It's nice to hear a harpist of her caliber emerge, and to do so strongly at that.

This is an artist to watch!! I look forward to more.

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