Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zweiton, Form

Here is some expanding post-prog-metal-minimalism of the good kind. Zweiton makes its debut with Form (Unsung 4260139120864) presenting six instrumentals that go to nice places.

Zeiton is Alexander Paul Dowerk on the U8 Touch Guitar (playing guitar and bass parts via overdubs) and Alexis Paulus on drums, with added guests here and there on acoustic guitar, tuba and viola.

It's post-late-Crimson sounding at times, always musically rich and diverse, and it rocks. The ten-minute "9 Days of Tripping" is a complicated suite-like number and goes pretty far out there while still keeping with the advanced drumming pulsations. But it's all worthwhile. If you like lyrical outness with a metal kick, you will like this one for sure.

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