Friday, September 21, 2012

The Young, Dub Egg

The Young is a band. One of the ways you can tell is if they have a "The" before the name. But the moment you put their CD on the player, you know that this is a band, together in all the ways one hopes for.

It's a guitars-bass-drums-vocal outfit from Austin and Dub Egg (Matador) is their second album. I missed the first but must track it down after hearing this one.

It thrives on a lively interplay of all. The music is alt-indie-punkish fare with a hard-edged sound, vocals that have an informal, edgy faux insouciancy, and a very pleasing beyond-the-garage hardness tempered by song styling that fits the music-first-image-second persona of the band.

Those that still seek something real and undiluted in rockland should find these guys a good listen. I will file it under new serious rock outfits that most definitely do not s_ck!

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