Friday, February 1, 2013

Mahogany Frog, Senna

There's a new Mahogany Frog. Who? Come on, Mahogany Frog! Well, you may not be familiar with them, but they will stick in your head if you hear the new one, Senna (MoonJune 048). Anyone who likes early Floyd and other proto-psychedelic prog outfits that gave the keys equal billing with the guitar strings will find this keys-guitar-bass-drums quartet treading new ground in that tradition.

These are instrumentals with good arrangements in solidly expansive compositions. They are retro without being imitative. It's their own sound and there's the new and the burnished in a nice combination.

This is traveling music, as Jackie Gleason used to call it. I'll bet it would sound terrific in the car for a long trip. It travels into space too but you probably don't have your own rocket yet.

I only have nice things to say about this group. They give you a deja vu feeling without a Groundhog Day literalness! Listen to this one.

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