Thursday, June 20, 2013

Indians, Somewhere Else

Music is a lifeboat. When the world seems cold, perhaps just a tad evil, predatory, exploitative, nightmarish...there is music. And this music at hand today, Somewhere Else (4AD), comes to my ears when thoughts of the world predominate, for various good reasons.

It is the debut album for an outfit from Copenhagen. It helps me forget the world for a minute. Søren Løkke Juul is the fellow that's behind the music, writing, singing, playing guitar I am supposing, and there are the keys, bass, and drums too.

What hits you about Indians first are the songs--they are tuneful. And the sound envelope, which is wall-of-sound, well-ventilated, open, wistful, structured song accompaniment, spacy, mostly. The vocals are youthful and bell-like. The arrangements are nicely crafted.

So those are the elements. The total effect is indie rock art with finesse, poetry and brains. Something to forget the world with, to keep you company whether your days are happy or not-so-happy. Good music can do that. This is good music.

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