Friday, June 7, 2013

The Summarily Dismissed, To Each!

Some music belongs in more than one category. It gets beyond just one thing. The Summarily Dismissed is that. At least on their album To Each! (Self-Released CD). This is the music of singer-songwriter Ari Shagal. It's a group that has soul, r&b, songwriting, jazziness in equal proportions. The press sheet mentions Todd Rungren, Laura Nyro, Stevie Wonder, Donald Fagen--and that is some heavy company! But yes, there is something of their kind of songs going on. Ari arranged the songs for this fairly large combined band with horns and such, and did a great job there. There are several vocalists that take turns singing lead vocals and there are nice harmonies some of the time. Ferima Faye is excellent in the soprano register, Matthew Lomeo does a baritone thing and he's good, then Ari sings a bit too. Kenny Washington sings as guest as well.

Basically there is a core trio of guitar-bass-drums. Joe Davi plays some very nice guitar and produces.

The songs when very good are what kicks this thing out. And there are some excellent ones! Not every one is a total gem, but there are gems! And nothing is fill here.

Wow! Songs!!

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