Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dawn of Midi, Dysnomia

Where do you put music that is so super-permeably inside itself while branching forward everywhere that it could conceivably go in any of the three blogs I do? You put it perhaps where readers will get the maximum jolt from hearing the sounds. So we are on this page for the trio Dawn of Midi and their album Dysnomia (Thirsty Ear). It's Aakaash Israni on bass, Amino Belyamani on piano, and Qasim Naqvi on percussion.

The threesome realize their compositions with precision and soul. This is intricate, interlocking, polyrhythmic Afro-minimalism. But it's not enough to say that. It's how it is that. This is music that will put you in a trance, or make you want to dance, and it gets there with fabulously well worked-out three-way instrumental interaction that will knock you off your seat.

I wont say that this music precisely reflects that the threesome hail originally from Morocco, India and Pakistan, because it doesn't follow that this music would be an expected outcome of this or any other number of international combinations. That's not what makes this music what it is, though it certainly doesn't hurt. It's the vision and hairpin-perfect execution of the players that makes this music stand out.

It grooves like a rhythmically obsessed, benevolent super-earthly spirit. It's one beautiful groove after another, joining together in 46 minutes of end-to-end poly-ecstasy. I mean that! And I am hard to please with this sort of thing, trust me.

Get this one! I think it hits the streets officially next month...

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