Thursday, July 25, 2013

HaUtUllin, Music for Very Electric Guitar, Drums and Live Electronics

Plug in your minds and journey to Copenhagen, where the duo HaUtUllin (Barefoot Records) is doing its own plugging in--guitar, live electronics, effects, drums--readying the arsenal and getting ready to assault your senses. They let loose. Good lord! Guitarist Markus Pesonen and drummer Håkon Berre give you 65 minutes of well-conceived very outside post-Hendrixian free jazz psychedelia. Pesonen is a guitarist of greatly inventive sonic imagination and Berre goes with him like anything but a Mini-Me, more like a musical Maxi-Me. They have some quiet moments (which work quite well) but when they drench your being with effects-laden distortion, bends, thrashes, bashes and growls, you know that they are for real.

This kind of music has come a long way since the olden days when my friends and I traumatized the neighbors from the open-doored garage where we set up and crazed out on weekends. HaUtUllin have made of such Hendrix-inspired noodlings a directed free music that has smarts as well as ultra-space.

If you like out electric free jazz-rock, you probably already know what they can do in Scandinavia, I will bet. This is one of the newest directed assaults from there, and one of the best!

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  1. As a post script, I should add that I listen to any CD I am about to review four times (plus the first listen to determine if I will cover it). This particular CD had its four final listens when I was experiencing a rather painful and disraughtening abscessed tooth. Even in my agony the music sounded great to me. That MUSt be saying something (I mean about the music)??
    Cheers and peace,