Monday, April 28, 2014

Luis Lopes, Noise Solo at ZBD, Lisbon

The art of noise and the art of solo guitar don't always converge. With Luis Lopes' LP Noise Solo at ZDB Portugal (001LPZ) it certainly does. . . in ways that make noise an art. I suppose the lineage of feedback, sustain and the reshaping and interrupting of high decibel guitar wielding via toggle switches and stomp boxes goes back to certain moments in Hendrix's early work, a moment now and then in early live Dead recordings and in the presentation of early psychedelia in general. Luis gives us two sides of creative noise-making on the LP that show a sense of process and, through that, structure. It reminds and hearkens back to those first days of amplitude mind-melding.

This is one uninterrupted solo improv live in a Lisbon club. It shows the more radically avant side of the guitarist, who we've encountered and appreciated before in various free avant jazz-rock ensembles on these pages. This one goes from noise station-to-noise station, so to speak, in the way Luis sculpts the sound. Some may hate it but I sure don't. It's lovely, beautiful, extreme guitar, in a very electrically charged way. Kudos! If you like the margins of total skronk this is a great example. If you don't then get out a Segovia record instead--or play them both at once!!

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