Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shan Kenner, The Behavior of Vibration

There are so many accomplished guitarists out there today. Not all get our complete attention due to the flux and flow of indie labels, self-produced projects and high-profile releases we sift through every day.

Shan Kenner has not crossed my path before, but based on his album The Behavior of Vibration (Guitar Lotus Recordings 2013-00) I would include him on my list of players who we need to pay some attention to, to support with our ears and wallets.

He fronts a quartet on the album in a program of mostly originals. Ryan Berg on bass, Darrell Green on drums and Albert Marques on piano provide the right sounds and Marques soloes effectively in a kind of post-Corea mode.

Kenner acquits himself well as a weaver of lines that have both tradition and originality within them. His tunes have some worthy lines and changes too.

I wouldn't say exactly that Shan's playing is "under construction" because it has both grit and polish, but I get the feeling that he still has room to grow if he could gig regularly with this crew. That is not to say he doesn't but he deserves to be in the public eye whether or not he is right now.

Kenner has real promise. Contemporary modern jazz guitar has room in its echelon for players who have the ears and inventive chops to do something worthwhile. Let him keep shining out there, please. Hire him for your club!!

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