Thursday, April 10, 2014

Max Johnson Trio, The Invisible Trio

Up-and-thriving free jazz bassist Max Johnson has gone into overdrive lately after some time making the scene around New York. He has a recording recently out and there's another on the way.

The one that's ready-in-hand is the Max Johnson Trio's The Invisible Trio (Fresh Sounds). The music stands out with a good gathering of Max of course on bass and compositions, Kirk Knuffke on cornet and Ziv Ravitz on drums.

Ravitz does yeoman service in a relaxed, swinging and tumbling mode. Kirk Knuffke comes through with that post-bop purity of tone, that wealth of ideas and heat. And Max kicks in with some very out-front and inspired bass. I knew he was good. I didn't know he had attained this level, though, until I heard this. It brings it home to you that the cat has arrived, so to speak. He is a leader in a convincing way.

So we get a very hip set of music that sparkles in almost classical new thing ways. Very recommended!

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