Thursday, April 24, 2014

YAPP, Symbolic Heads

I must say that the No Business label has the right idea for some of the more esoteric releases. Print a low quantity exclusive edition and rely on word-of-mouth and the underground press to get the message out.

The quartet YAPP and their 300-copy LP edition of Symbolic Heads (No Business NBLP 69) gives us a perfect example. It's music in an avant free-jazz-rock zone with good performances from Bryan Rogers on alto sax, Alban Bailly on acoustic-electric guitar, Matt Engle on acoustic bass, and David Flaherty on drums.

This is music that has a personal identity, some intricate head compositions, a loosely rocking-freeing groove and nice playing from everybody. The guitarists out there will find Alban a very interesting and unique player worth hearing. But everybody pulls weight here. Dave Flaherty, perhaps the better-known of the four, sounds very groovy on drums.

This is real-deal music of distinction. If you have a sense of adventure you will find this some very hip travelling music. Or music to just sit there and listen, too. Nice!

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