Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pete Macleod, Rolling Stone

There are some artists, some albums that jump out at you from the first note. The music could be anything but they have a presence that you instinctively feel in your gut straight off. I got that sort of feeling the moment I put on my player Pete Macleod's Rolling Stone (Cherry Red 359CD4).

He plies a version of retro-rock (retro in somewhat the way REM was in its first albums) that has excellent jangling guitar work, good vocals and strong tunes, something you either respond to right off or you don't. If you do, like I do, you are going to like this one. He plays a 12-string electric in a way that recalls the Byrds in their original period. Then there are other strains in there, too, Everything works. The songs have lyrical melodies, rock strength and good form.

Now that combination when done well as it is here is nigh irresistible. His short guitar solos are fitting and nicely done. And the band sound is full and strong.

I am digging this one. You might too--if what I describe sounds like it's your thing. Pete Macleod is happening!

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