Friday, April 11, 2014

PJ Rasmussen, Another Adventure

Electric guitarist-composer PJ Rasmussen gives us his breakthrough album, Another Adventure (Third Freedom Music 002). The group coheres nicely thanks in part to the hip charts PJ wrote, and thanks to the musicianship of all concerned. It's a septet for all but two tracks, when the addition of bari and alto make it a ninetet. The constant is Rasmussen on electric with Steve Davis on the trombone plus good players in tenor/alto, trumpet, piano, bass and drums. They can solo well and do.

The thrust of the album is in the compositions, which combine a little metal, jazz-rock, postbop and some free-outness in ways that refresh. It's the unexpected and directly projected, good horn lines and some cool guitar solos, good rhythm and Jim Ridl nicely shining on piano.

This may not set the world on fire. It is excellent listening regardless. Rasmussen gets it together here!!

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