Monday, August 25, 2014

Bibi Tanga, Now

From the Central African Republic comes guitarist-singer Bibi Tanga. His album Now (World Village) gives us a nicely different spin on afrobeat-afropop today. There is a song-orientation that works very well via the memorable tunes from the Tanga song trove represented in these grooves.

And there is groove underneath it, plus a social awareness of things in his native homeland that invites comparison to seminal others that came before. Nevertheless this is Tanga doing things his way. His guitar may not often take center stage but he bears close listening in his rhythm-charged playing style. And his vocals are spot-on.

The music covers the spectrum of eclectic soul-infused possibilities, all with a strongly wry twist that makes Bibi Tanga an artist of originality and dynamic presence. This is the first on his own. Before he was a key member of Malka Family and others; he shows us on Now that he is best served up as the main entree.

Good music!

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