Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ken Silverman Trio, Parallel Man

It is without any flippancy whatever that I say that guitarist Ken Silverman is one of the principal exponents of a jazz-rock guitar style that incorporates, transforms and updates the old surf sound. Surf guitar is no less an art when done well than any other, but it takes a special sensibility to get a sound that resonates with basic approaches that come out of early electric rock-surf style yet goes beyond into today and the complexities of the present.

You can hear that nicely in his latest, the Ken Silverman Trio and Parallel Man (SoundSeer S10003). He is joined by roadworthy colleagues in Sam McPherson on double bass and Andy O'Neill on drums. They set the tone for Ken's out-front presence in a set of originals and an arrangement, of all things, of Prokofiev's "Visions Fugitives #1."

It all serves to give you a good look at where Ken is at these days.

I found it all very refreshing. If you resonate with that old instrumental sound this brings it back to us as contemporary art! Listen.

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